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Transform Your Life with BioResonance Testing

Release - Restore - Renew

Discover & Clear Hidden Emotional Blocks
Release Negative Emotions
Heal Childhood Imprints
Reprogram False Beliefs
Live Without Limitations

By tapping into the body's innate intelligence,
we can discover the exact issues we need to clear.

SOUL SCANS screenings use quantum biofeedback to deliver individualized energetic assessments of our psyche to identify negative emotional and spiritual blocks stored within our energy field. By bringing these negative emotions, beliefs and patters to the surface, we are able to release what no longer serves us. This powerful emotional cleansing process allows us to experience the miraculous, life-changing transformations that will manifest after releasing stuck energy.  

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A True Breakthrough for Spiritual Development!

By releasing old patterns, blocks, beliefs and traumas that are stored in our cellular memory, we free the mind and spirit to realize our full potential; to achieve elevated states of bliss to manifest the life we truly desire, inspire us to live more deeply, exceed our limitations, unlock our personal power, create loving relationships, heal from illness, live with less stress and anxiety and transcend to a higher consciousness.

Transformation is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not.

A Soul Scan screening session enables us to scan the emotional field to identify negative thought patterns and beliefs, spiritual and emotional blockages, self-sabotaging patterns, childhood imprints that we may still be holding on to, even another person's energy that we may be carrying. We will even delve into the subconscious mind to identify past traumatic events and hidden beliefs that you may not even be aware of on the conscious level! Soul Scans takes out all the guesswork. By learning exactly what the body needs to release, you can fast track your way to transformation.

Your comprehensive assessment includes five distinct reports and instructions to help understand how to read your reports along with clearing exercises to release the old programming.

Test 1: Emotional and spiritual blocks

Test 2: Childhood Imprints

Test 3: Customized Intentions & Affirmations

Bonus Test #1: Soul Reflections - misc. information for growth, chakra scan, beneficial healing modalities the body has chosen;

Bonus Test #2: Healing Therapies: Identifies natural emotional remedies from homeopathic tinctures, Bach flower remedies, Chinese herbs, essential oils, color therapy, sound therapy and most relevant healing crystal for its healing qualities.


What people are saying...

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Brittany, Bordeaux, France

WOW! I am truly amazed by how accurate my test was on pinpointing my emotional blocks. I wanted to have the Soul Scans test done because I had recently moved abroad, my relationship ended and I was experiencing depression. I was desperate to fix my mood and grow into a better state of being but was challenged at where to begin. It was interesting to see that my biggest emotional block was related to financial stability, and that the emotions of my breakup followed after. In the report, my intentions to manifest and items to release were extremely helpful. They helped me feel a sense of relief and enlightenment. Knowing what to focus on made my feelings less overwhelming and easier to manage. I felt an immediate sense of improvement after reading the scans and am continuing to improve each day with the recommended exercises. I would definitely recommend Soul Scans to anyone looking to improve their inner peace and overall wellbeing. 

Lara, Huntington Beach, CA

I was so happy to find Soul Scans! I have been doing a lot of spiritual development work on myself but felt that much of what I wanted to achieve was being thwarted by unconscious beliefs that I couldn't put my finger on. The Soul Scan was the answer that I needed. It was able to pinpoint the issues from childhood that I had either forgotten or didn't know about. This awareness then empowered me to know what to work on. Now there is nothing holding me back from creating what I want to create in life. I highly recommend Soul Scans as integral to ones' healing journey.

France Barringer,

Reiki healer, mentor, coach, author

I discovered through the soul scans many of the difficult issues/problems that I had to overcome up to my teenage years. It was like reading the book of my life. Recently, I did the soul therapy assessment remotely with Denise through a photo of mine and I was pleasantly surprised at the accurate results and how she could give the remote healing frequencies that I greatly benefited from.

Scans are offered in-person or remotely/long distance.

Remote sessions do not require live participation. Your photograph (from the neck up) will be required. Once the session is complete, your reports from the session and instructions will be emailed to you.

Are you ready to explore and let go of the limiting beliefs

and trapped emotions that no longer serve you?

Simply click the "order soul Scans" tab to get started.

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Testing to identify and treat the root cause of physical ailments and
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