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Fascinating! The scans were so accurate. Things no one knows about me came up in my childhood scans. In a strange way it felt good as if someone else knew and that verified I wasn’t crazy. I’m feeling good about having the knowledge of and tools to zero in on these issues.

Cindy, Oceanside, CA


While doing the exercises to release my emotions, I felt a heightened awareness, like an emotional glow of relief, both inside and out. I now notice harmony of space and emotional awareness as I move about my day. A true vibrational shift!


Sandra, Encinitas, California



Truly Amazing on how much this scan accurately reveled my emotions, my needs, and what it was in making me tick! It was empowering to know that I could have control over my emotions brought to life on paper through this scan. I was feeling restless as I retired, keeping busy but needing to focus on why I was restless. I needed motivation to start healing myself and my purpose. At first, I was not sure about how this could really help me, but I'm a true believer in what this scan pointed out. It was accurate in reveling emotional, spiritual and physical items that I needed to work on, to be aware of. Since my scans were brought to life, I have lost weight, truly love myself again and now embracing this new journey of my life. If you are unsure if this really is the real deal, let me assure you that it is. If you are searching for your inner wellness, this is the help you need through Soul Scans. 

Laura, Juneau, Alaska


Soul Scans is the gift that keeps on giving.  As you read the report, you learn more about how to address areas you are aware of, but most importantly, areas you have never thought to look at that open up a whole new realm of awareness and healing. After working with the reports, I felt I had reached a new level of energy flow. 

Debbie B., San Clemente, CA


My physical health was in jeopardy and it was suggested to me that it may be from emotional baggage so I tried this test on a recommendation. I’m currently working through each item as suggested in the instructions. It’s too soon to tell but I feel more uplifted than before.

Thomas J., San Diego, CA


I wasn’t prepared for the results of the tests. It brought up a couple of items that were so suppressed from my past that made me cry. My therapist assures me that this is a good thing and a breakthrough although it didn’t feel like it at first. I am thankful for this service because I believe it has helped to accelerate my progress with my personal goals.

C.T., Seattle, WA


I was skeptical to try a soul scan because I have never heard of this screening process before, but I couldn’t help myself. The results made me a true believer as my guts were spilled out on the reports! Everything applied to both past and current situations in my life. The instruction guide helped me so much with dealing with and clearing the painful memories.

Barb C., Minnesota


You can run but you can’t hide! These scans reveal all. Mind-blowing. It was all there…and more! 


William E., Sacramento, CA


The first time I purchased a screening, I was amazed to discover the physical issues that I was unaware of and how connected they were to my emotional being. In the soul reflections scan, I also discovered different aspects of my soul that I needed to reflect on to help me release certain emotional blocks.


F.B., Scottsdale, Arizona


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